Many homeowners consider relocations to be a stressful process. However, a well-planned move is fun and a memorable experience for your family. So, how do you plan a stress-free residential move? Below are some insights. 

Involve the Removalist at an Early Stage 

Most homeowners engage removalists a few days before the moving day. However, this practice is not advisable since it often complicates removals. First, the removalist might not be available when you need to move. Therefore, they could charge more if they have to postpone another move or cancel a removal contract. Then, the removalist has inadequate time to prepare. For instance, they could be forced to subcontract members of the removal crew if their employees are fully engaged on a moving day. Finally, the removals could take longer than expected. For example, the removalist could realise that you have antique items that require specialised packaging and handling on moving day. If this is the case, they might need to source additional packaging material, which could take time. 

Consider an Inventory 

The inventory is an essential aspect of your move. Ideally, the document details all the items you plan to move. Therefore, the removalist can use the document to determine the packaging supplies and workforce required to move your household. The removalist also uses the inventory to appraise your household items. This way, they know the removals insurance coverage needed to execute the move. Besides, it helps the removalist determine the need for specialist services. For example, an artefact in your home or an expensive painting could require secure transport. 

Consider Pet and Baby Needs 

If you own pets, your immediate concern would be whether you are allowed to move with pets in your new residence. For instance, some strata developments restrict members from keeping pets in their homes. On the other hand, some countries prohibit immigrants from bringing in pets. The rule is to conduct some due diligence to ensure you are allowed to move with your pets. If you are, ask your removalist how they plan to move the pet. For instance, the professional could suggest that you buy a basket or cage to move your pet. If you own canines or horses, the removalist could hire professionals to move the pet. 

Some parents forget to inform their kids about the move. However, this oversight often complicates the moving process. For instance, kids could get agitated or anxious if you inform them about a last-minute move. Besides, they would want to bid farewell to their friends and return borrowed toys. The best strategy is to tell them about the move several weeks in advance. This way, they are mentally prepared to move to your new residence. 

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