Moving house can be a daunting proposition. You're forced to go through all your stuff, doing an unofficial audit of your possessions. Once you hire a furniture removals company, you won't have to worry about the actual moving part. But you will have to pack and unpack everything. Here are some tips to help the process go smoothly.

Electronic Equipment

The best protection for your electronic equipment during a move is the original packaging it came in. So check around your house or garage to see if you've put it aside. If not, use bubble wrap, blankets, and the best-fit storage boxes to transport the devices. Also, think about how easy it will be to reconnect the TV and computers. Will you be struggling to work out which cord goes where? To avoid this, photograph the backs so you can easily follow these picture directions.


Because of their shape, books are easy to stack and pack. However, they're heavy en masse. You may be able to use the power of wheels to help move them. Do you have a solid suitcase on wheels in which to pack the books? If you have an entire wall shelf of books to move, this will make life easier. However, don't use a massive suitcase, which may get too heavy regardless. And check with your furniture removalist to see if this is within their terms. If you have to use packing boxes, use small, sturdy ones that won't fall apart in transport.

Flat Pack Furniture

During a move, it's not only technology that may need to be put back together at the other end. Flat-pack furniture may also require some reassembly in your new home. You'll have to decide the best course of action for each furniture item. If you can unscrew the legs of a table, it will be easier to move and transport. You'll have a flat tabletop and a bundle of legs that takes less room in the removalist truck. This helps to keep costs down.

You may decide to partly disassemble some items, such as a bed or sofa. For example, you could take the bedhead and legs off a bed, but leave the slatted base intact. Work out the best compromise that balances how easy it is to move against how much work it takes to put it back together. If your furniture removalist is using a large truck and making multiple trips, it may not be worthwhile to pull things apart. Ask them for their advice.

Reach out to a furniture removalist company for more information.