Here are two mistakes to avoid making if you've booked a furniture removalist for your house move.

Don't assume that they'd find it easier to move your furniture if it was disassembled

You might assume that you should disassemble all of your furniture before the arrival of the removalist to make it easier for them to move. While there might be a few pieces that you have to disassemble to get them to fit through the doors, it's best not to assume that you should disassemble every furniture item you own.

The reason for this is that in some cases, disassembling furniture that could be carried out of your home in its assembled state might actually complicate the furniture removal process. For example, if you disassemble a bed that, if it were placed on its side whilst fully assembled would easily fit through your doorways, it may take longer for the removalist to transport it.

Instead of moving one item, they would need to make several trips to and from their vehicle to load all of the disassembled parts. This could turn a task that might have taken 15 minutes into one that takes 25 minutes. If you make this error with several furniture items, the removalist might end up taking twice as long to move all of the furniture. As such, it's best to discuss this matter with the furniture removalist before you do any disassembling.

Allow time for them to take the steps needed to remove items that they cannot disassemble

You might have a few furniture items that are not made to be disassembled, some of which may be a bit too big to easily fit through doorways or past your exterior gates. If so, you should, when creating your moving-day schedule, allow time for the furniture removalist to take whatever extra steps they need to, to move these items on the day.

They might need an extra 20 minutes to temporarily take your gates off their hinges to fit an item through them (if the item is too heavy and large for them to safely lift over the gate), or they may decide that a furniture item that's too big for your doorways will need to be removed through a window instead (in which case they might some more time to set up some extra lifting equipment to safely do this).

Arranging your moving-day schedule in such a way that they don't need to rush through these steps is the best way to guarantee that your furniture is removed from the property safely and that the furniture removalists don't injure themselves whilst helping you to do this.