Ordering new furniture is one of the easiest ways to spruce up your home. But before you can enjoy it, you need to get the delivery out of the way. To make your new furniture delivery a success, you'll need to follow some tips.

Measure Access Points

Few experiences are more frustrating than a delivery team arriving and not being able to fit your items in. To prevent this from happening, measure access points before you place your order. This should include the height and width of doorways and entryways. Also, watch out for areas where a low ceiling may act as a barrier. If you're particularly keen on an item and the entryways don't seem suitable, consider whether you can remove a window on the day. Doing this will require careful planning, and you should always inform the delivery team of your plans so they can accommodate them.

Consider the Loads

Not all delivery teams will move large items of furniture as standard. Similarly, some may only want to deliver items to a ground floor location. Take a look at the delivery firm's terms and conditions before finalising their payment. If an item is large, ask them if you can pay extra for another person to attend to it on the day. Additionally, look into whether they'll offer above-ground floor deliveries and in-room deliveries for a better rate. Organising all this before your new furniture delivery takes place can prevent disappointment and frustration on the day.

Clear the Way

Once you're confident that an item can fit and that the delivery team will deliver it, you need to clear the way. Make sure the route the team will take is free of trip hazards, including rugs. Prop doors open so that they do not need to put items down before they take them to your room of choice. You may also want to consider moving art hangings and ornaments to one side so that large items don't knock them off.

Set Aside Some Time

If your new furniture delivery includes items that you need to assemble, set aside some time to do it. Look into whether you'll need specific tools and check the packaging insert to see if it recommends having more than one person complete the task. When you set aside enough time, you won't feel the need to rush building your furniture. Try to focus this time around the delivery timeslot agreed by the company you buy from.

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