Furniture removalists are your best bet when you need to move your home or office. The professionals ease the removal process since they will pack, move and arrange your items in the new premises. Below is a guide discussing the considerations to make when choosing a furniture removalist. 

Check Customer Reviews

Most removalists will have a website, social media page, or Google My Business listing. Check these resources to know how previous customers rate their services. Good reviews are an indication that you will receive quality services. Additionally, inquire about the removalist's customer care services, level of professionalism, and whether he or she observes client deadlines. 

Inquire About the Available Services

Your immediate concern is whether the removalist provides removal services to your new location. For example, you will need an international removalist if you intend to relocate to another country. Other than packing and moving your items, you could also need the following services:

  • You may need backloading services if you are on a budget or intend to move instantly.
  • Portable on-demand storage containers (PODS) are ideal if you need a temporary storage solution as you move your home or office. You could also ask the removalist to provide off-site storage if you are looking for permanent storage.
  • If you have valuables such as jewellery, antiques, or expensive paintings, inquire whether the professional can organise secure transport for such items.
  • The removalist should offer removals insurance to compensate you if your items get damaged or lost during removals.  

Understand the Terms and Pricing

Read the removals contract to avoid disputes with your removalist. For example, check your obligations. The removalist could require you to authorise a home inspection, organise parking space for the removals truck and apply for permits when moving interstate or to another country. If you live in a flat or office block, the removalist could ask you to ensure the elevators and hallways are empty as he or she moves your items. You may also be required to provide packing boxes. 

Most removalists will ask you to pay a deposit once you engage their services. As such, check the required deposit. Assess the removalist's cancellation policy. In most cases, the removalist will penalise you if you cancel the removal contract without due cause. Remember to negotiate the removalist's quote. Reputable removalists will offer discounts to encourage customer loyalty and grow their brand name. 

For more information, contact companies that offer furniture removal solutions.