The process of moving a piano from your home during your relocation or for storage can be challenging and overwhelming. Therefore, it is advisable to engage piano movers for the task. Professional removal is preferable because this will ensure that the valuable unit is protected from damage during the move. In addition, you will minimise the risk of personal injury. Remember, a piano is bulky and will require physical strength for removal. If you are inexperienced, the probability of you straining your body and sustaining injuries will be high. However, DIY removal might be your best option if you are trying to cut your removal expenses. If this is the case, consider the outlined tips for ideal results.

Protect From Impact

Mechanical impact will compromise your piano. In general, if the piano bumps against walls and other surfaces during removal, the damage could be significant. Dents and scratches will cause a decline in the instrument's value. In addition, the piano could damage the surfaces in your home due to unfavourable contact during the move. Therefore, when preparing for your move, it is important to use appropriate padding to cover the piano. The padding will absorb impact force, protecting both the instrument and your house. You can acquire moving blankets for the task. However, you can reduce your expenses by utilising your blankets and even thick towels. Ensure that all the surfaces are covered, and secure the padding with tape for optimal protection.

Acquire Good Equipment

The right removal equipment will make your project easier by reducing the level of physical work needed for moving the piano. In addition, the risk of injuries will reduce when using suitable equipment. Under ideal circumstances, you should acquire a piano trolley or dolly for the removal. This machine will help in supporting the weight of the piano. If you choose this option, remember to acquire straps to stabilise the piano. In some cases, a trolley might not be an ideal choice. For instance, it might not be useful when going down stairs. You can make the removal easier by acquiring an appropriate moving skid.

Determine Your Path

Finally, it is essential to determine and map out the optimal route for removing your piano. You should examine your home and building before making a decision on the best route for moving the large item. Measure the best path and clear out obstacles to allow for smooth movement. If you are uncertain about the right choice for removing the piano, consult local professional piano movers.