One of the most cluttered places in many people's home is their wardrobe. With a little thought and effort you can solve your storage problems for good. Here are some cheap and simple tips to help you sort out the problem of wardrobe overcrowding permanently.

Scarf tidy

If you have lots of different coloured scarves, they can quickly run riot in your wardrobe, taking up space and straggling all over your other clothes. A very efficient way of keeping errant scarves under control is to fix a few shower curtain hooks onto a coat hanger.  Simply hang the scarves on the hooks and order will be restored.   

Seasonal sorting

If you have lots of clothes for both the summer and the winter, you can find your wardrobe quickly becomes overcrowded. If you're short of space, why not consider investing in a couple of modular storage units to create a seasonal storage solution for your clothes?

Draw dividers

If you have lots of drawers in your wardrobe, they can quickly become muddled and untidy. You can solve this problem easily by cutting an old shoe box in half and using each piece to make a drawer divider.  Simply cut the box to fit neatly in the drawer so that it divides it in half. This tactic is especially handy for underwear drawers where socks and pants can end up in chaos.

Crease-free jeans

If store your jeans by folding them and keeping them in drawers or on shelves in your wardrobe, you will end up with creases down the centre of the legs. You can save space and avoid the dreaded crease by hanging the jeans up on 'S' hooks by their belt loops. 'S' hooks can be bought cheaply from good DIY stores and loop easily over the hanging rain in your wardrobe.

Effective t-shirt storage

Learning how to fold your t-shirts 'shop style' can allow you to stack them vertically with the logos on view. This will save you space in your wardrobes and drawers and also avoids favourite shirts being hidden on the bottom of the pile. If you prefer, you could opt to stack your shirts in colours, making for an orderly, space saving display.

In conclusion

If you're fed up with not being able to find things in your wardrobes, try following the tips outlined above to solve your storage problems. To learn more about the advantages of hiring self-storage units, have a chat with your local provider, such as Cheapest Storage Sydney.