If you're moving from a rental to your own home, congratulations! You've taken a big leap forward in the home ownership market. Your rental deposit is generally 4 weeks worth of rent for anything lower than $700 per week, which can end up being valuable for your move to your new home, so you'll obviously want to get it back in full. This guide equips you with strategies to get your deposit back when you partner with a removals company to move between homes. 

Apply Packing Tape And Polystyrene Sheets To Doorframes

You'll want to ensure minimal damage to the rental apartment as a way to get your entire deposit back. But moving large items from one place to another can damage and chip doorframes. To prevent this from happening, apply packing tape and polystyrene sheets to these doorframes to provide a layer of cushioning. This cushioned layer will prevent mishaps from taking a significant chunk out of your security rental deposit. Packing tape and polystyrene sheets are easily available at stationery stores, so you should ideally prepare the home before the removals company arrives.

Protect Your Floors With Wall-To-Wall Tarp

The last thing you want when you drag your furniture from one side of the room to the other is to discover huge scratches and scuffs on the floors of your rental property. The best way to protect your floors is to add an additional layer between the furniture and the base. Wall-to-wall tarp is ideal for protecting your floors, while allowing the removals company to move the furniture without worry of damaging the floors. You can also place polystyrene sheets at the corner bases of your heavy furniture as an additional layer of protection. Adding protective layers is always advisable. After all, you can never be too careful when it comes to getting your entire security back.

Box Up Big And Bulky Furniture Pieces

No matter how careful you are, big and bulky furniture pieces can cause damage to your rental property. This can result in a major chunk of your security deposit being diverted towards repairs of the rental property instead of in your new home. The best thing to do is to disassemble big and bulky furniture pieces and place them in boxes. This drastically reduces their overall size and weight, which makes it easier for loaders to carry boxes out without damaging surrounding areas of the house. Items like beds, TV tables, cupboards, wardrobes and dining tables can be disassembled to protect the interiors of your rental property.

Follow these key strategies to get your security deposit back when working with a removals company to move furniture from your rental property to your new home.