If you use shipping containers for your business, you may need to keep special safety tips and precautions in mind when using your containers in hot weather. To ensure you, your crew and your shipment are fully protected, take a look at these tips. They will help you through the heat:

1. Choose shipping containers with the heat in mind.

If you are buying or hiring new shipping containers to use for your company's shipment needs, look for ones that are designed to be used in hot weather. Choose light colours over dark colors, as light colours absorb less heat and are not as hot to the touch. In addition, look for shipping containers that are insulated if needed. The insulation can help to preserve the temperatures of the container's contents so they don't get too hot.

2. Create shady areas for packing and unpacking shipping containers.

To make packing and unpacking your shipping container easier, set up some shade for loading and unloading. You can set up a permanent structure to create shade, or you could use a temporary solution such as a canopy. Also, remember to watch yourself for signs of sun exhaustion or fatigue.

3. Prioritise unpacking based on the perishability of the containers contents.

When unpacking shipping containers in the hot sun, make sure to prioritise the unpacking based on what is in the container. Perishable items should be unpacked first, and then, if you have any wood, fabric or other materials that may get damaged from condensation caused by the heat, unpack them next. Finally, you can unpack the remaining items. 

4. Wear safety clothing and gloves to protect against hot metal.

Unfortunately, if you don't have shade, the metal on the shipping containers can get hot. To prevent your skin from getting irritated, make sure that you wear long sleeves and pants to protect your arms and legs from the metal. Also, wear work gloves to protect your hands.

5. Wrap insulation around handles to keep them cool.

If wearing gloves is not comfortable for you, consider using another material to cool down the handles and opening hardware of the shipping container. In most cases, you can slip a piece of plumbing pipe insulation of the container's metal handles so that they are not hot. In other cases, swatches of fabric or leather can also help to cool down handles.

Want more tips for using shipping containers in the heat? Contact a shipping container sales company.