Relocating to a new office is a wonderful experience. It gives you the chance to explore new environs and work in a better place. But before all that, there's the actual packing and moving and most businesses keep postponing this part. This is because it leads to a number of problems and apart from using up too much time, moving may also induce harm if not properly done. So to prevent damage to your property or injuries to the staff, here are some expert solutions to have in mind.

Have a Timeline

First things first, you need to ensure you've got a comprehensive timeline of events before the move. Here, you need to detail each event and know all the important tasks that need to be done before the big day. One of the major problems in office relocation is the last minute panics and mistakes, and having a timeline will eliminate this. Simply break down the moving project into smaller tasks way before the moving day. Things like selecting a mover and dealing with the insurance certificates should be done in advance.

Dress Appropriately

It shouldn't skip your mind that how you dress is also important. If you're going to be doing a lot of lifting, then ensure you put on comfortable shoes that provide your arches with proper support. The shoes should also provide adequate protection for your feet in case something slips your fingers and lands on them. You can also purchase work gloves, because they'll give you a better grip when handling your property.

Also remember to use good lifting techniques. The boxes for instance, shouldn't be lifted above the shoulders. You should also use your legs and avoid engaging the back. You can do this by squatting then lifting upwards while keeping the back straight.

Packing the Commodities

You need to pack right. Label the boxes well during the move. The brittle items should be indicated and easily known, because this will allow the movers to strategically place the boxes during the packing. That way, no breakable would be placed below other heavy boxes.

Mark the boxes at both the top and sides. You can additionally have a brief description of the things inside. Doing so would enable you to easily identify the things that need to remain upright throughout the move. Additionally, correct labelling will also enable you to easily locate your stuff once you get to your new office.

Also, remember to ensure that the hallways are free of clutter. You don't want anyone tripping when carrying office furniture. For more information, contact local removalists.