When it comes to moving tips, most people will tell you what to do or what to expect before you move or when you're in the process of moving. However, what about after you move? As it turns out, the 'after' is just as important as the 'before'. Below, find 5 tips on some of the things you should do when you arrive at your new home.

Place boxes in their respective rooms

When you arrive at location B, you will have a lot of boxes to unload and put inside the house. Most people tend to place them all in the sitting room for later sorting. Do not make the same mistake. Instead, have each box taken out of the truck and taken directly to the room whose belongings it holds. This should be very easy if you marked your boxes when packing them. Doing so will de-clutter your new house and make everything much easier to find when time to unpack comes.

Have bulky items placed in their final position

For those very bulky items, have the furniture removalists place them in their respective rooms and positions. This includes items such as beds, sofas, seats, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, fridge, cooker, etc. The reason for doing so is that you do not want to be left alone wondering how to lift or arrange the said items long after the removalists have gone.

Find the priority items

Next, find the items that are most crucial for use around the house, i.e. priority items. This will include items such as medicine, phones, phone chargers, curtains & sheers, bulbs, any ready-made food available (to be loaded into the fridge before it goes bad), tissue paper, soap, car keys, and even a change of clothes. Place them at a strategic location, or in their place, as you may need them at any time. 

Wipe/clean items as you put them in their place

The other thing you should do is to clean or wipe items as you unpack them from their boxes. This refers to items such as furniture, shoes, cookware, and appliances. Doing so reduces the overall workload as you do not have to worry later on about cleaning everything in the house. It also makes everything ready-to-use once it's set up.

Take it slow

With so many things to do, and you being already tired, pace yourself and know that you cannot unpack everything on day one. In fact, give yourself a week, or even more, to fully unpack all your belongings. Do not open all the boxes and remove their contents as that will only make things worse. Instead, think of taking a break or preparing lunch/dinner for the family at this time. If it's getting late, start making the beds and begin to settle in for the day.

After day one passes, you can continue to unpack items and put them in their place without rushing. After all, even Rome was not built in one day.