Keep the following tips in mind in case you find yourself having to move heavy furniture without the help of furniture removalists.

Use a Jack 

It may be hard to lift heavy furniture in order to place dollies under it even if you have a friend to help you. A trick that you can use to overcome this challenge is to make use of the car jack. Place it under the furniture and use it to lift the furniture in the same way that you would use the jack to raise your car before you replace a flat tyre. This approach will save you from expending a lot of energy in the process of placing the dollies underneath your furniture.

Lighten the Load

This tip sounds obvious but many inexperienced homeowners do the exact opposite. For example, many place items inside desk drawers in order to utilise all the space in the removal truck maximally. This can make the furniture very heavy and difficult to move. You should therefore remove anything that can be removed from the heavy furniture. For example, remove all the desk drawers and their contents so that the desk is lighter. You can also remove all the cushions from chairs before moving those chairs. Remove any detachable components (such as legs) from heavy pieces of furniture. The reduced load will be easier to move.

Keep Moving

The hardest part of moving heavy furniture is getting it moving after placing dollies underneath it. This is because the force of inertia is at its highest when the furniture is at rest and yet you want to get it moving. It is therefore very important that you do not pause as you push the furniture because you will have to overcome that inertia once again. The heavy furniture will gain momentum as it moves so you will need less energy to keep it moving.

Use Cardboard

Anyone who has moved furniture down a flight of stairs will tell you that it is a challenging task because the individual stairs keep halting the movement of the furniture. You can reduce this friction by securing the furniture onto a cardboard sheet using straps or cords. The cardboard will level out the surface onto which the furniture is moving and it will be easy to make the furniture slide down the stairs.

There are many risks associated with moving heavy furniture. For example, you may use a wrong lifting technique and you may end up injuring your back. It is therefore advisable for you to hire (or at the very least consult) furniture removalists so that you reduce the risks to which you are exposed during the furniture removal process.