If you're a wine aficionado, then you'll know that storing your expensive wine bottles in plain cupboards may end up doing more harm than good. Some wines benefit from ageing, while others need to be consumed within a few years. If you're looking for long-term storage solutions for wine in self storage, use these tips for properly loading and keeping your expensive wine safe.  

Keep the Temperature Constant

Wine needs to be stored at specific temperatures so that it doesn't mature faster than you desire. High temperatures will kill the aromas and flavours of the wine, so be sure to check with the wine store about specific wine storage temperatures. Ideally, you should ensure that the temperature remains constant between 12 and 16° Celsius all round the year. Even small temperature fluctuations will affect the quality of wine. A climate-controlled self-storage unit is the ideal solution for storing your wine bottles because you can set a constant temperature –– ensuring that no fluctuations distress your wine.

Ensure Dark Lighting

Artificial or natural light can degrade the quality of wine and will cause premature ageing. To prevent this from happening, you should ensure that you store your wine in the dark. By keeping your wine in a dark self-storage unit, you will let it age at the normal rate. Choose a self-storage facility that allows you easy control of lighting and temperature based on your needs.

Make Sure the Wine is Still

Keep in mind that certain levels of vibrations can cause wine damage because they can disturb wine sediments and will prevent them from settling when laid down. This will make the wine gritty and unlikable. Make sure that the self-storage facility you choose isn't next door to loud music venues and busy railway stations –– this could affect your wine quality dramatically.

Lay the Bottles Horizontally

You don't want your cork to dry out, because it prevents air from damaging the wine. Dried out corks may shrink and allow air to seep into the wine, which will change its flavour. By laying your wine bottles down horizontally, the wine moves up to the cork and delays drying. You can get horizontal wine racks for the self-storage unit to prevent your bottles from moving around. Even if the wine bottles have plastic or glass corks, lay the bottle horizontally to retain its natural flavour for as long as possible.

Use these nifty steps for placing your expensive wine bottles in the self-storage facility.