The process of moving to a new home is challenging, so it is crucial to make preparations early. This will aid in minimising the potential inconveniences such as misplacing your items, damaging fragile goods due to poor packing and unexpected delays on the moving day. You can carry out the moving process without professional assistance. This can save you money but the option is only viable for smaller houses. Ideally, you should engage a licensed removalist for guidance since they have prior experience. Whether you choose self-removal or the latter, you will still need to pack your goods properly in containers for transportation. Here are the main boxing options that you should consider choosing for your moving project.

Cardboard Cartons

Cardboard cartons are popular in the moving industry because they are relatively cheap to purchase. In addition, these are available in a range of sizes and designs that meet different removal requirements. You can check your options in general stores as well as specialist moving companies. Generally, you will need large boxes for light materials such as clothes, curtains and beddings. Small boxes are ideal for carrying heavy objects like books and magazines.

This makes them easier to carry from your old house and to the new one. There are specialty cartons designed to handle unique moving requirements. One of the popular designs is the wardrobe box; you can hang clothes in these without folding. Dishware boxes are built thicker so that they will protect the china and glassware. There are also others like picture cartons, flat packs and archive boxes to consider. You should inquire about all possibilities before an order.

Plastic Moving Bins

Plastic containers are great alternatives to the standard cardboard boxes. These are eco-friendly because the bins can be reused indefinitely and the structure does not demand paper for construction. Plastic bins also have a sturdy body, so they can protect your items more securely compared to cartons. In addition, these are more stackable and stable during transit. On the other hand, plastic moving bins are expensive to purchase, so you will need to rent the containers.

Wooden Crates

Wooden crates are not popular for residential moves, but you should consider the option. They are expensive to purchase or construct, so you cannot use them for all your items. However, their sturdy build is ideal for protecting delicate goods such as sculptures made of marble or glass, chandeliers and antique items like mirrors. The crating will buffer impact during the move, ensuring the safety of your goods.