A self-storage unit can be very useful when you simply have too many items to store in your home or don't have separate storage in an apartment complex. They're perfect for when you need a place for your sporting goods and such equipment, but they can also be useful for more than just everyday storage. If you've never thought about using a self-storage unit other than for long-term storage of bulky and oversized items, note when these might come in handy for you.

1. During a quick move out

If you've decided on a divorce or need to move out of your home very quickly, you don't want to do anything that is against a court order or that could be seen as stealing things that don't belong to you. However, very often someone who needs to move out of their home very quickly won't have another apartment or home ready for them and may need to stay with friends or relatives for a short time. Rather than leave your things behind and risk not being able to retrieve them at a later date, it's good to use a storage unit. You can safely secure everything that you know is yours and that you have legal right to take with you, without worrying about bringing them to a friend's home while you try to find a place of your own.

2. During a natural disaster or other cleanup

If your home has been flooded or suffered a fire, you may want to protect undamaged items as much as possible and get them out of the way of cleanup crews. You can rent a storage unit and move in the furniture that is salvageable, along with clothes and other items that may be inaccessible in your home because of where a flood or fire has caused damage. This will protect these items from being damaged themselves and can also ensure they are out of the way of contractors who are helping to restore and repair your home.

3. When selling a home

Why use a storage unit when selling a home? For one thing, buyers want to see the home, not all your stuff! If your home is cluttered and in disarray, this can make it difficult for new homebuyers to be attracted to the home and they aren't likely to make an offer. Using a storage unit can help you to clear out some clutter. This can also help you to make the move easier; you can pack up boxes as soon as you know you're moving and put them in the storage unit so they're out of the way but already packed for your new home.

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