Traditionally, moving interstate meant that you would need to hire an interstate removalist company to pack up your possessions in a removalist truck and relocate them to your new home. Many people are now opting to use shipping containers to pack and transport their possessions in when planning a big move. There are two main reasons why this option is proving to be a popular one.

1. It's cost-effective

Interstate moves are not cheap, and removalist costs can run into thousands of dollars. Buying a used shipping container and having it transported by truck to your new home will usually be a cheaper option. A lot of the savings come from reduced labour costs because you do all the packing and unpacking yourselves.

The bonus with using a shipping container instead of a removalist is that a large percentage of the outlay can be recouped. Once you have unloaded your possessions, you can then re-sell the shipping container for around the same price that you paid for it. If you're moving to an area where shipping containers are hard to come by, such as inland areas, then you may even be able to re-sell it for more than you paid for it.

Many people choose to keep the shipping container after their interstate move. This may be because they are planning another move in the future, or it may be because they want to keep the shipping container for storage. Another option is to adapt the shipping container for use as an office, workshop, or studio.

2. It's less stressful

When using a removalist, time is money. You will only have a short window of time to have all your possessions loaded onto the removalist's truck, and any delays will cost you extra in labour. When using a shipping container you can have it delivered to your home several weeks prior to the moving date, which will allow you to load it at your leisure.

The same is true once you've reached your destination. Once the shipping container has been delivered to your new address, you can take your time unloading it. This allows you to unpack boxes and arrange furniture as you unpack them, instead of having a house jammed full with hastily unloaded boxes that make unpacking boxes and arranging furniture next to impossible.

If you're planning an interstate move, then it's well worth considering using a shipping container. Contact a local shipping container company, such as Tasbulk Container Hire, to find out whether it's an option that will work for you.